Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Palau de la Musica Catalana

On Sunday Brad and I were just walking around again, doing touristy stuff, talking and having fun. In the afternoon we walked by an incredibly beautiful building and found out this was the Palau de la Musica Catalana (meaning literally Palace of Catalan music). Some sort of concert hall. It's situated in the Gothic quarter, a labyrinth of narrow narrow streets, and this beautiful Palau is squeezed in between some buildings on all sides on one of these narrow streets, so we didn't see it until we were right in front of it. That also made it very hard to actually get a good picture of it, and it's a shame cause the building itself is stunning!

Another picture from outside, from when we came back at night
We went inside to have a look, but unfortunately you needed to buy a ticket to enter the concert hall, like in a museum. We weren't sure what to do when we found the box office, and saw that they were selling the last tickets for that nights concert for only 6 euros!! We didn't think twice, the guided tour, and also the museum ticket was more than 6 euros, so there wasn't much to consider really. We'd get to see the Palau like you should, with an orquestra!

We bought our tickets and came back at night. Oh. My. Goodness! I have never seen such a beautiful music-hall ever. The Palau was built between 1905 and 1908 and is modernistic. In 1997 it was added to Unesco World Heritage sites. The main "attraction" is an inverted glass-dome lit up only by the sun-light and the ceiling, the walls, the stage- everything is so beautifully decorated, and it made the musical experience just magical.

I wanted to take pictures but it wasn't allowed, so I have used some photos from their website

When I asked Brad before he left Barcelona what was his favourite touristy moment he said the concert at Palau de la Musica, without a doubt. We got to see a great orquestra and I agree it was definitely a night to remember!


  1. Heldiggriser! Er litt misunnelig på dere som fikk gå på konsert et så utrolig flott sted. ;-)

  2. Jeg var utenfor da jeg var i Barcelona, det er sykt stilig ! Fikk aldri vært inne der da, det var litt kjipt. Du er heldig som fikk gått på konsert der !

  3. That is so breathtaking! I better put that on my to do list too!

  4. Foreigner, ja det var helt fantastisk!! Må tilbake her.
    Nora, så gøy at du var utenfor. Så flott en bygning sånn helt plutselig inne i de trange gatene der omkring.

    Vanisha, I recommend you put it on the list ;)

  5. woooowwwww! That ceiling is gorgeous!!