Monday, November 28, 2011


So, Brad finally arrived late Friday night. After 12 hours on the train… 12 hours!! Turns out it wasn’t the express train… Well, I picked him up at the station and we had some tapas. Great to see him again, I have really missed him after I left Málaga. 

Saturday we were all around the Barcelona sights, had to show him some of the most wonderful places in Barcelona! And then we decided to have a closer look to Montjüic, where I still hadn’t been. We read all these wonderful things about this area in my guide and we wanted to go explore!

Montjüic is a hill located somewhat in the centre of Barcelona overlooking the harbor to one side, and the city to the other. It was the location for the summer Olympics in 1992, and just to illustrate the stunning location, here's a picture from the diving events at the Olympics: 

Palau Sant Jordi, the indoor sporting arena from the Olympics and the Olympic stadiums are still used for sporting events and also  for big concerts, and right next to the stadiums there is an Olympic and Sports museum. A big Botanical Garden and a fortress are other attractions up there. Fundació Joan Miró, a big museum of modern art honoring Joan Miró is also located in the big area of Montjüic. 
In 1929, for the Barcelona International Exhibition they built Poble Espanyol there, which is a sort of  open-air architectural museum with copies of typical streets and buildings from all over Spain. And on the side facing Plaza Espanya, the big and oh so beautiful castle-looking building Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, housing an enormous art museum and in front of this museum is the so-called Magical Fountain, a big fountain with sound and lightshows at night. 

As you can see there’s plenty of interesting stuff to explore! 

So we headed up there, and walked and walked… and found mostly nothing of all the afore-mentioned exciting stuff! I realize this sounds a little weird, but the area is huge and I guess we just got lost! Haha, we walked and walked….and all we saw was paths, lots of trees and roads far from all this fun stuff. We did find a few nice spots with great views though!! 

We hadn’t done much research, and after a long time of not finding all this stuff we gave up and headed back to the centre.

Here's a picture of the  Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, taken from Plaza Espanya. I guess next time I try to have another go at Montjüic, I'll start at Plaza Espanya instead of the port!

 Brad has now left on another 12-hour trainride back to Málaga. Sad to see him go! I'll tell more about our weekend, just need to split it up a little so it doesn't get too long!


  1. Der har jeg vært ! Digger Barcelona (:

  2. Jeg håper du så litt mer enn meg! Det skal visst være veldig fint der oppe, så må snart ut og gi det et nytt forsøk.

  3. Sounds like a weekend well spent. I always get super sad when friends leave. Hopefully you'll see each other again soon :)

  4. Yes me too... It is always so empty and silent after guests have left!