Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Barcelona,

We need to talk.

I think since the first rain came a few weeks ago, there has been far more rainy days than sunny days, and this is simply not the deal we had. I was to leave Norway for a sunnier, warmer and more pleasant place weather-wise, and this is basically not as advertized.

Yes, I hear you. The first 7 weeks I didn’t see a drop of rain, and I do appreciate that, I really do. But it is not very kind of you to make me believe this is how my new life was going to be, and then suddenly start pouring rain all over me day after day when I was getting really comfortable and happy with all that sun.

I want the sunny days back, so could you please pack away those heavy full clouds of yours and take them somewhere else? I am not interested. Now I have tried both, and I choose the sun. 

Do you think we can come to an agreement?

Norwegian Señorita.


  1. jejeje, great post!! I agree with you, I think we have been fooled about the weather in this city.
    Hope the city will receive your letter soon and give you at least a sunny weekend.

  2. I agree!!! It's supposed to be Spring/Summer, and most days we get up to 30 degrees, but this morning it was 8 degrees?!!! Unacceptable! There was a reason I was in Fiji for 8 month - avoiding the cold!

  3. I loved Bacelona!! Too bad it's raining!

  4. Jose, I hope so too!!

    Nora, er du ikke enig? ;)

    Vanisha, I think you should also write a letter!

    Hi Mrs. Pancakes :) Yes, Barcelona is so much nicer with blue skies and sunny weather!

  5. Haha, dét hørtes ikke noe særlig ut..! Vi får tro at brevet gjør at Barcelona skjerper seg ;)