Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cursa de la dona – Barcelona women’s race

Today 12000 women participated in Barcelona women’s race, a 6 km race through the city streets. There are so many sport events going on in this city, but especially running-events. It seems there is a race almost every weekend, but I think it’s cool that there is one exclusively for women! It’s a charity event all about breast cancer awareness. This year there has been a record in participants in all cities, cool!

It's an annual event (this one was the 6th) and is being held in Málaga, Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Gijón, Sevilla, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

The atmosphere is so good in these events. Loads of healthy, happy people! 
I am not a runner due to a knee injury but I think it would be cool to participate if I could.

Photos borrowed from their website.


  1. Great event!!
    Get to see that many women/girls running for such a cause is impressive!!
    Hope you get better soon from your knee injury.

  2. What a great idea! And so wonderful that so many people participated :) I love the photo!

  3. Thank you Jose, although I don't run I get the idea of how much fun it can actually be to participate in a race!

    Many colours; I love the photo too, all those pink t-shirts and baloons!!

  4. Now that is a scene to behold! I would have loved to been part of it. The atmosphere must have been magical and all for such a great cause :)