Monday, November 21, 2011

Cadaqués - ahhhhhh!

So, this weekend it was time for my first trip out of Barcelona. I have heard so much about all these pretty small towns and villages around Barcelona and there are a few that are high up on my list, so I thought I'd better get to it!

Cadaqués was on the very top of that list. It's got to do with my fascination of this guy:

Mr Salvador Dalí. I have always loved his surrealistic work, and I really wanted to see this town where he spent his summer holidays as a child, and where he later settled down (well, almost: he built a house just outside of Cadaqués). It was supposed to be so so beautiful and I was getting very curious to see it. 

Other artists such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Joan Miró, Antoni Pitxot, René Magritte, Federico García Lorca, and more also spent time there. The atmosphere, the bars and the restaurants are so artsy and I loved it! 

It is a small whitewashed fisher-village, and just plain idyllic and beautiful, with narrow, cobbled streets and a very laid-back feel.

It's got a few beaches

And lovely restaurants with food so tasty, and much cheaper than in Barcelona

Fresh, so fresh fish! Lubina, and tuna.
Great views from the church

And also so beautiful at night!

The town is located on Costa Brava, the coast north of Barcelona, a couple hours drive away, and quite close to the French border. 

I definitely want to come back here! 
I also visited Port Lligat, and the house of Salvador Dalí which is now a museum. I might tell about that in another post!


  1. oh wow!!! What an incredible place! And the history is just breath-taking. Very jealous of you right now!

  2. Wow! If these photos are anything to go by, your guest post is going to be AMAZING!

  3. Yes, I completely fell in love with this town! So beautiful. I can only imagine a sunny summer day there...

    Vanisha, oooh thank you so much! I'll email you now :)

  4. // Hehe, ja, jeg jobber i avisa! Har praksisplass der nemlig :D Veldig artig, lærerikt og spennende!

    Jeg litt "takknemlig" for at jeg savner noen, for det betyr jo bare at jeg er veldig, veldig heldig som får være så glad i noen! (Og omvendt..hihi)

  5. Så utrolig nydelige bilder...til det vakre stedet fikk jeg også lyst til å reise noen dager :-)
    Skal jeg fortelle deg en liten hemmelighet :-)...Ikke nok med at Julian og jeg har bestilt reise til Usa, det ble først noen dager i New York..så har nemlig bestilt en reise til :-)...Vi reiser til Kenya i vinterferien...på Mombasakysten...og 3 dagers safari :-)..Herlig hva...gleder oss :-)