Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beware when looking for a room in s shared flat in Barcelona

When looking for a room in Barcelona, you can expect weird things. I had an intensive week after I arrived here, looking through hundreds of ads and contacting people for viewings and I found a little bit of everything on my way to the place I now call home.

Like I said in the post about how to find a place to live in Barcelona  it’s important to have a critical eye. If it’s a guy renting only to girls, try to read between the lines and don’t be naïve. Maybe it’s simply because he thinks girls are nicer and cleaner than boys, or maybe it’s because he want something else. If the price is low, or there is no price, that should get the red lights blinking!
I collected a few goodies … 

Chico de 34 años ofrece una habitación interior equipada en la zona centro de Hospitalet a chica atractiva, a cambio de relaciones íntimas y tareas del hogar


Boy, 34 years old, offers equipped room in centric Hospitalet to attractive girl, in change for intimate relations and house-work. Mind you- an internal room ! (link)

Or this one:

Ofrezco habitación gratis para chica guapa, (máximo 30 años), simpática y cariñosa! ;) Si sabes hacer masajes mucho mejor. Yo soy chico de 29 años, con buena presencia y muy divertido! La habitación tiene unos 10m2, está amueblada y no se te cobraria ni alquiler ni gastos. Interesadas un mail y explico condiciones.


I offer a room for free for a beautiful girl (max. 30 years old), nice and loving. If you know how to give massages, even better. I am a guy of 29 years old,good- looking and very funny. The room is 10m2, furnished and I wouldn’t charge you rent nor bills. If interested, send me an email and I’ll explain the conditions.

I guess you got the picture already, but I just have to add one last one.

Yo quiero compartir mi cama con una chica guapa y joven. No hace falta pagarme nada solo cambio por algo. Soy un chico de 27 años, sincero, guapo, cariñoso y simpático. El piso esta muy bonito. Si estás dispuesta, escríbeme y lo hablamos.


 I want to share my bed (!!!) with a beautiful and young girl. It’s not necessary to pay anything I just want something in return. I am a guy of 27 years old, good looking, loving and kind. The flat is very beautiful. If you are up for it, email me and we’ll talk.

I also had a reply to a “normal ad”, although a little less extreme, still not quite ordinary; a guy why told me he liked to be naked at home, and would love for me to do the same…
It’s a big city, and there are lots of … “personalities” out there. Be careful, use your gut and head when choosing. 

Then you have the scams: a family renting out their very beautiful apartment, fully equipped with fantastic things, at a price that is too good to be true. Barcelona is no exception: if it sounds  too good to be true, it probably is. The father/husband in the family is normally a priest sent off to an African country to do missionary work and they want someone to take care of their home while they are away. The only problem is that they are already in their new country, so just as long as you send them a deposit, they will send you the key. Don’t even bother to reply to these!

It is hard work finding a decent place here. And to find flat mates you trust and feel comfortable with. You meet some people for 10 minutes when seeing the flat, and then you move in with them, not knowing what sort of crazy people they might be… It can be a scary thought, but I just had to focus on the thought that the majority of people are good people, and people like myself who want nothing but finding someone nice to share their home with.


  1. "Herlige" boligannonser må jeg si! Man lærer å bli litt mindre naiv når man bor i utlandet...

    Men hva skjedde med Fernando og leiligheten? Trodde du hadde funnet deg godt til rette der....

  2. Hehe, ja her finns litt av hvert ;) Fantastiske Fernando er kanskje ikke så fantastisk men jeg bor fortsatt samme sted!

  3. it's definitively a jungel out there :)

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Det er jo greit når de er ærlige og rett fram om hva de forventer allerede i annonsen!

  5. Jada, sant nok! Greit å vite slike ting før visning!!

  6. Oh wow, how crazy! Those ads made me laugh so so much. I'm glad you found a place you like!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe this! It's hilarious and quite scary!

  8. PS thanks for the heads about regarding the rocket, I'll get some seeds and a pot for them! Hope they turn out for me as they have for you!