Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another reason why I like Barcelona more

So it’s Saturday again and I thought of another reason why I like Barcelona more than Málaga. Seeing as these are the only two cities in Spain I know, I think it’s interesting to see quite big differences in the culture and the people. It goes both ways, there are things I like more about Barcelona and there are things I like more about Málaga, but for now I am focusing on Barcelona.

I have the impression that the culture here up north is more similar to my own. Obviously it’s far from equal to the Norwegian culture, but some specific things are more similar. The people, the Catalans, are more introvert and quiet, colder maybe, than the people down south that has a reputation for being more feisty and temperamental.

You might ask “why is it a good thing that they are cold?” Well, I’ll just tell you why! I am Norwegian and I guess we are a little cold no matter how awful that sounds... It’s cold up there…we’re not used to being out in the streets all day and night, talking to anyone who passes by. I think it makes us more introvert, we keep more to ourselves and have the need for some personal space.  And for some reason that I still don’t know, it seems the locals here are like that too, which in turn makes me feel more at home here than down south where frankly I felt a little aggravated at times.


  1. That's so interesting. One of my favorite cities in Australia is Melbourne and I was talking to someone from there about why certain movements (such as the Timorese movement) were strong in Melbourne and she said because it was cold and had such terrible weather mostly, people sat huddled together and talked. In coffee shops mostly. I quite like that :) It's interesting how much there is to learn about different cultures and the way things work...

  2. Huh, that's a really interesting way to look at it. If that's true, I sounds like I'd probably love Barcelona!

  3. Vanisha, It's very interesting to dig into culture&ways of living!

    Krysten, Barcelona is great!! :)

  4. Dette må jo på et vis sees i sammenheng med ubehaget ved å skulle kysse fremmede på hvert kinn når man møtes.