Friday, November 4, 2011

2 months - status report!

Today it’s been two months since I arrived Spain, and wow has it been a rollercoaster ride! There has been so many new things added to my life, new people, new experiences, new scenery, new language, new customs.

These two months have gone by quick as a whirlwind. And sometimes slow as a turtle. It’s not all been a dance on roses, but I am learning important lessons every week. Not just in Spanish grammer but things about myself too!! I love this experience, it’s truly enriching to go all alone to another country where you don’t speak the language, don’t know anyone, and don’t know how to say even the simplest of things because there is no common language. And then see how, little by little things work out.

I love the freedom of not knowing what tomorrow will hold, the feeling of being in such a beautiful city where wherever I turn and look up or down there is something so beautiful to admire. The buzz of a big city, listening to this foreign language that I am trying so hard to learn being spoken at the table next to me at a café, being able to have both big city and beach within a short walking distance, feeling the warm sun heat me up all the way through to my bones, to feel relaxed and simply happy! Life is good!


  1. Your like in Spain certainly does sound good! Better than good actually. I didn't realize you had "only" been in Spain for two months, you seem more settled and progressing so well, I thought you had been there much longer. You should be so proud of yourself :)

  2. Så bra at du liker deg så godt i Spania ! Vet akkuratt hva du opplever, og det er virkelig noe jeg ikke ville vært foruten ! (:

  3. My goodness, you are making me really want to go to Spain!

  4. Vanisha, thank you!! Your words mean a lot :)

    Nora, bra du koser deg i Frankrike!

    Krysten, come ! ;)