Monday, October 24, 2011

When it eventually rains in Spain.

This is the first day that it’s raining since I arrived Spain.

I am used to Norwegian weather, and although it doesn't necessarily rain all that much there, I am not sure I have ever experienced 7 weeks of happy sunny weather without a day of rain before. Today was the day I would be introduced to rainy Spain...

It makes me realize how much everything changes when the scenery is painted with heavy dark clouds and no sunlight! It's like it takes away the gloss of the city altogether and it gets kinda dark and cheerless.

Do the clouds in Spain work differently? Do they hide away and collect and collect...and collect water during all those weeks they stay away to then pour it down for hours and hours as if they would never empty? I have never in my life experienced such a heavy rainfall! And it's been going on for most of the day, mixed with a mean thunder, louder than loud. Actually, the crashing thunder makes it feel like the walls are shaking and the lightening feels like a camera flash on a dark evening, just that it's bright daylight. (I also think I have never actually seen lightening in day-light before.)

In this kind of weather, the only thing I want to do is snuggle up inside with good music and a good book, it's perfect staying-in-weather. I have never liked the rain, probably because I have always just had a little too much of it, but maybe, just maybe I can learn to like it? As long as it comes in small doses!

Do you like the rain? And do you have a tip to make rainy days cosy and nice? I would love to hear it!


  1. I really like rain when I get to spend the day curled up inside :) I have never learned to love it on days when I need to leave the house!

  2. sv: Skriver du på en roman?! WOW, NÅ MÅ DU FORTELLE!!!!! :D

    Hehe, jeg skjønner det, du er alltid så hyggelig du! :) Setter veldig pris på ALLE kommentarene jeg får av deg søta

    Forresten, hvor gammel er du?? :)

  3. Many Colours: I think I could learn to enjoy it as long as I don't need to go outside! But I must say it has helped to not have seen the rain for such a long time! I always became very blue with rainy days, but I am thinking all this sun is changing things!