Friday, October 7, 2011


It was wonderful to wake up knowing that I had the whole day just for me me ME! No house-hunting, no phone-calls, no duties, no tasks, no nothing. Just a whole day to enjoy. 

I have been walking around "everywhere" today, getting lost a couple times in narrow, cobbled streets, getting back on track as soon as I came to a plaza and dared to have a look at my map (haha!) The city is huge. At the same time it’s walkable. 

If you don’t care to walk however, the metro reaches everywhere. (While walking around, about every 10 minutes you see another metro-station.) The metro is clean, fast, efficient and runs at a great frequency. (There are also buses everywhere, but as I still don’t know the city very well I prefer the metro. With the metro, there’s no doubt where you are at all times and where to get off. The bus on the other hand…)

Barcelona is such a beautiful city! The architecture is stunning. Everywhere you go you see beautiful old buildings, churches, plazas, monuments and streets. It’s like every time I turn a corner, I see new things that impress me!

I promise that I will soon start posting lots of photos again. I am just being a little cautious. I am blond, with quite pale skin. It’s obvious that I am not a local. I don’t like walking around as if I had  a neon-sign blinking on the top of my head screaming “rob me, I’m a tourist!” I know there are big problems with pick-pockets in this city, and walking around alone, with a map in one hand and camera in the other is not something I want to do. So these first days I have preferred to try to not stand out too much. I am sure that now that I feel more familiar with everything and everywhere it will be easier. (Just like in Málaga)

I am going salsa dancing tonight! Hurray! I am so so excited to try the salsa scene in Barcelona that I have heard so much about. What I saw of the salsa scene in Málaga wasn’t great  but I only hope Barcelona will be as good as I have heard.

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  1. I am happy for you. The first step to happiness is to cultivate it within by being thankful of the little things.