Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still summer

It's still superhot and lovely here. Since I now have a different schedule for the Spanish classes I need to get out and make most of the day before my classes start at 2PM. So today I thought it perfect to spend the morning relaxing at the beach. Some good music on my iPod, a good book, feet deep in the sand and I am perfectly happy for a couple hours. 

In Norway for many, what represents relaxing holidays (and maybe even paradise) is basically a sandy beach with a palm tree or two. And throw in a hammock and maybe a chilled drink or some fresh cut fruit and you're in heaven.

Maybe it’s got something to do with it being available. Or not available that is, when you live in Norway. The winter up there is long and cold. Knowing that at this time of year, people up there are already packing themselves into big jackets and warm clothes while I still walk around in lovely floaty summer dresses and sandals, makes me feel even more blessed to be here. 

Maybe after a while the novelty will wear off, and I will be all "The beach? Can't be bothered!"  But as for now, I am enjoying it!


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