Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still not sorted, but at least I got one positive!

I am sure you’re tired of hearing about the house hunt by now. It’s not like there are not loads of other things to write about from this wonderful city but I have all the time in the world to come to that later on. 

The focus these last days has been getting a home, and it really is like a full time job. Looking through hundreds of new ads for rooms every day, pick the ones that sound serious and allright, get in touch with the people behind them, and organize when to come see them. The city is big, and although the metro gets you quickly from A to B, you quickly spend some time going to and from, or changing between the metro-lines.

Today I finally saw the flat that I had my eye on from the first day, but which I couldn’t see before. There’s only one guy living there, Fernando (which sounds like heaven considering that I would be most happy sharing with no one.) and the flat is reformed and quite nice. Or not too bad. After having seen so many ugly, dirty and ramshackle flats anything decent would feel like a castle. The room is painted in crazy strong red and green colour (!) but the rest seems ok. The area is quiet and safe, and just 15 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya (city centre) and 15 minutes walk to the beach. Sounds quite perfecto to me. 

The only thing is that I fell in love yesterday. The flat with the big room and the nice people. And I still haven’t heard back from them. Fernando told me on the spot that I could have the room if I wanted and I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say and heard myself say yes, thank you… and I do have all the intentions in the world to take it ... if I don’t get the other one. Just have to be sure first…

So I called the ones with the nice room when I got back to my “hotel” and asked if they'd made up their mind yet. (Scary!) And they still had more people coming to see it, grrrr! They weren't able to say when they would decide, and I don’t know how long I can wait, cause I finally have a room and it would be lovely to stop the hunt. I have seen so many places, some very few nice, quite a few not nice at all, but common denominator is that I haven’t been able to express and present myself the way I would have wanted and probably left a shitty first impression of myself with my limited Spanish. And I guess that’s partly why I haven’t gotten one single positive before now. Ah, I forgot to mention that Fernando actually speaks English. That’d be nice for the times I don’t know the words in Spanish. (Which is pretty much all the time!) And I am also thinking that is the reason this is the first room I have wanted and been offered, we were actually able to communicate!

I don't know, I want the other one, but it's not the best time to be picky. I need a place to live, and if it doesn’t turn out great, well then I can keep on looking, but with less stress as I already have a place to live.

I learned a new expression in Spanish, “Consultarlo con la almohada” which means consult with the pillow = sleep on it. That’s what I will do tonight.


  1. Hvis jeg skulle gi deg et råd så ville det være: si JA TAKK til leiligheten med fantastiske Fernando!

  2. Haha, ja det tror jeg jammen ikke er så dumt ;)

  3. Fernando høres bra ut:) Broren min heter det, og alle som heter Fernando er absolutt en stor catch:P