Monday, October 10, 2011

Spanish studies

So I am back in the game. I arrived at the school this morning to take the placement-test. Then I got placed in a group, bought the book and was told to come back at 14:00h. 

...Excuse me? Yeah, I got placed in afternoon-group. (Haha, didn't even know they existed.)
So that just wasted my day then…I wasn’t so happy at first, cause being at school from 14-19h basically steals away the whole day. But since I always try to be positive, and with the fab night at Antilla fresh in mind, I decided that this means I can go salsa-dancing every night if I wish, since I don’t have to get up early anyway! That’s actually quite so fabulous! 

Came back at 14:00h and started class. I will have two hours of grammar with one teacher (quite unfriendly actually), then two hours of conversation/pronunciation-training with another teacher (one that seems like he’d rather be somewhere else, far far away from us and the language school) and then one hour of cultural studies with a third teacher who seems very engaged in her job. Apparently the theme of the cultural studies will change every week and this week it’s Antoni Gaudí. Perfect! I love his work and it’s one of the many reasons for my ongoing fascination of Barcelona.


  1. That's great that you can go salsa dancing every night! I have been catching up on your posts, it sounds like you are having the most amazing time. I hope you enjoy your classes!

  2. Yes actually it's just brilliant!
    I really am loving this experience :) Thanks!