Thursday, October 27, 2011

The roof terrace at Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

It's a very grey and very rainy day here again today, so I thought I'd post some sunny pictures from a fantabulous day last week! 

I had not yet seen Beautiful Barcelona from a roof, so a friend of mine told me about this fabulous hotel she had read about, that was supposed to have the most amazing views from its fancy roof terrace bar. 

We went there, and asked as nicely as we could in reception if we were allowed to enter the roof for a drink.

Man at reception: “No, I am sorry but it is only for guests.”

That would normally be enough for me to say “Ok, thank you” and leave...

But my friend had read some great reviews about this place and really wanted to see it, so she asked “Isn’t there aaaany way we could get up there? See, we have read such great things about it and we would love to see it.”

Man at reception
: “The only way for you to access it is if you are guests or have lunch or dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Then you can get up there after. I am very sorry.”

My friend
saw her opportunity: “Ah! Can we have lunch up there then maybe?” with her greatest smile.

Man at reception
: “No”, he responded patiently. “You’ll need to have the meal at the restaurant, and then you can get a snack or a drink up at the roof afterwards.”

My friend
: “Ah! Can we maybe have a snack up there then?” Haha, I admire her insistence!

Man at reception
(extremely patient! But always smiling) : “No, I am very sorry. You would either need to be a hotel guest, or eat at the restaurant to get up there. But you can ask my boss if you want, he’s the one with the black jacket over there.” Haha, he was getting nowhere with us.

My friend, never-giving-up, went over to the boss and started it all over again. In the end, he said to the receptionist, “You can take them up there if they want to see it so badly, and if there aren’t a lot of guests they can stay for a while.”


So he took us up there, and let us stay. My gosh! The views were stunning! And the terrace itself was too. We stayed a couple hours and I felt like I could stay the whole day. I wish I could come back to this place for some serious relax & quality time with just a book for company. What a wonderful place to be! 

The hotel's website is



  1. Oh wow, what a stunning view!!! I'm glad they finally let you up there to see it. I like your friends persistence!

  2. For et paradis av et sted, og hvilken utsikt!

  3. så nydelig ut! Ser ut som du koser deg masse:) Så gøy! og så koselig med kommentarer på bloggen min, det gjør meg glad:) tusen takk guapa!

  4. What a gorgeous place! Can I live here, please??? It's unlike anything I have seen before.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Oh wow! That was totally worth the effort!

    PS I can also now see you on my blog roll yay!

  6. Yes, truly gorgeous! If it was easier to access I see myself and computer / or book spending time up there, loads of it!