Friday, October 28, 2011

The rain got to me!

In my very limited baggage allowance when moving here I turned down my rain jacket, or any rain gear at all really. After all, I was moving to sunny Spain. It wouldn’t be the thing I’d miss the most surely.

And it hasn’t. I’ve been in Spain now for almost 8 weeks, and in the first seven I didn’t see a drop of rain. Until this week, when it all came. With added interest.

I bought an umbrella on Monday, when thankfully there was a guy selling them at the metro station but an umbrella doesn’t protect you when it’s raining horizontal, nor does it protect your legs or feet. 
So by the time I reached the language school, I was pretty much soaked. And then I sat there for 5 hours with wet pants and shoes and socks. With air conditioning on full speed. Not a great combo.

My throat is sore, my head hurts and I feel sort of crappy.
Looks like my weekend will be a lot of:


  1. Här i Norge är det både kallt och regningt. Men idag var det hela 15 grader här på Sørlandet- juhuu!

    Jag önskar dig riktigt god bedring - aldrig skoj att vara sjuk... Så jag hoppas en helgs vila får dig på fötterna igen!

    Kramar Joy

  2. Hope you start to feel better! Maybe ask a family member so ship over your rain coat? I know I couldn't live without mine (And I am in Australia - the sunburnt country!)

  3. I hope you're feeling better! I agree with Deidre, and maybe some Hunters as well, so you can go around jumping in puddles!

  4. Takk Joy! 15 grader er jo supert i slutten av oktober!
    Thanks Deidre & Vanisha! I still need to practice to like the rain though, but I like the idea of hunters ;) I'm sure rain is more fun when well protected!

  5. Promotional umbrellas are available in rainy seasons. Make sure you grab one for free!

  6. David, This sounded fantastic, but I couldn't really see how to get one for free...?