Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm in Barcelona!

I arrived well yesterday in lovely sunny Barcelona! I had to pay for overweight on my luggage even though Lucas was hiding away my big, heavy backpack while I did the check-in. Incredible that I had so much more stuff now, after just one month in the country. But I am here now, with all my belongings!

After he did his check-in (and me hiding his big back-pack) we said our goodbye’s and went to our respective gates. Weird combinations of sadness and excitement. We had the first sad goodbye with Brad when he helped us to the bus-station with the luggage. I wanted to just put them both in my suitcase and drag them along with me to Barcelona! I’ve become so fond of these two, it’s gonna be weird not having them around. I miss them already! 

Anyway, I arrived in the big city, jumped on the airport express-bus and got off at what I had been told was the middle of city centre, Plaza Catalunya.
I had a hotel booked for the first three nights cause I had been trying to find a flat the last days in Málaga but hadn’t have much success. I found a website (some sort of community where one can put ads for all sorts of things, wanting to buy, sell, rent etc.) that had loads of new rooms coming up every day, but 1) it was not easy with my limited Spanish, 2)Therefore I preferred writing emails, from calling but most of them I never heard back from, 3) when I gathered enough courage to call instead of email some of them, the rooms were all either rented out already or I needed to come see them that same day or someone else would get it. 

(Just as a note of comparison: In Norway it’s usual to have 3 months of resignation on a rented flat, so that means you know in advance when you’ll move and you also get the next flat in good time before you move out of the old one. Here it seems you move from one flat to the other as the day turn into the next one!)

Anyway, I figured I’d better book myself a hotel for the first nights and hopefully find something really soon. (Seeing how fast things work; new ad, go see it same day, hopefully get picked) Enough of that!

My first impression of the city is LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I absolutely love it! It’s so beautiful, vibrant, and alive! I know it’s just been one day yet but I just know this is going to be great!  
And once again I am in a city where I don’t know a soul. Which might sound sad, but is actually an interesting feeling, and somehow deliberating. In a way it makes me feel even smaller and the city even bigger, and I love it!

Now I have to go have breakfast and hurry out into the big city again!

P.S. I saw a poster that there is something happening down the beach with some syncron flying this afternoon, will probably go down there and have a look


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