Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to find a place to live in Barcelona

So what have I learnt about finding a place to live in Barcelona?
I wasn’t aware it would be such a hard task to find a place to live, bu here’s a little guide for anyone who might need it!

The one and most important page to use is . (Yes, the page is in English too!) Choose Barcelona in the side-bar. (This page is working for many cities in Spain.) It’s a genius community-site where you can find mostly whatever. 

Although I would love to get a flat to myself …when in Rome… I am doing it the Spanish way, like I explained here , so a room in a shared flat was what I looked for. 

There are hundreds of ads for rooms added every day, so it’s important to check back a few times a day to see what’s new. Look under “Housing” and then “Rooms for rent/shared”.

A relatively centric room in a good area and a good flat should be priced between 300€ and 400€ depending on how many sharing the flat, the facilities of the flat etc.

There are many neighbourhoods in Barcelona, and some of those considered most centric are: EIXAMPLE, EL GOTICO, EL RAVAL, around PLAZA CATALUNYA and PLAZA UNIVERSITAT.

A basic rule (with a few exceptions) is that the further away from Plaza Catalunya you are, the cheaper it gets.

It’s important you read the ads with a critical eye
. Don’t be naïve. If you’re a girl and you find an ad from a guy renting only to girls, try to read between the lines. If he says things like “price can be discussed”, don’t be surprised if he is going to offer you a room for free in exchange of … “various services"! Ok, you're allowed to be surprised, but now I have warned you!

Go see the room
as soon as possible, and get a feeling about the people renting it. They want to meet you to decide if they want you there, but sharing a household is a two-way-street, it’s important that you also feel comfortable with those living there.

My experience is that it is like a full-time job. It takes time and energy. There are lots of rooms, but also lots of people wanting them, so prepare for competition and having to spend some time to find the best place for you. There are loads of ugly, horrible and dirty rooms and I think a good tip is to only contact the ads with photos, should help a little. Also decide what you are looking for; if you are a homey person, find out if the flatmates are party-animals and think about whether that would suit you or not... (I guess that applies to finding a place to live anywhere, I just mention it since I was without any experience in flat-sharing before coming to Spain and I made sure to be on the same page as the ones I would live with!)

In the end, I am living in a quite nice flat, sharing with only one person, in a nice and centric area, and right now I wouldn't want to change a thing about it!

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