Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween it is!

Here in Spain, Halloween is not a bank holiday, here they celebrate Día de todos los santos, and it’s tomorrow. So, tomorrow I don’t have school, and today has been a little busy, doing Halloween-things in the morning, and going to School in the afternoon (which was also themed Spanish-style Halloween, Día de todos los santos = The day of all the spirits) I will tell all about this day tomorrow, today it’s all about Halloweeeeeen!

So we did make a pumpkin pie! My first time to ever make one, or taste one. And it was really nice! It has almost all the same spices as our very traditional Norwegian ginger-bread-cookies (that we make & eat for Christmas), and it somehow reminded me a little of them.

Then the pumpkin cookies, basically the same as the pie, just in the form of cookies. Loved them too!

Actually there wasn’t time to do the pumpkin carvings as well, so some of us are going back now to do that. There are some Halloween-parties around town where you get a free drink if you dress up and stuff, but it's not a big deal here. I am happy just doing the pumpkin carvings anyway!


  1. Eksotisk godis, digger det! Cookiesene ser veldig gode ut.

  2. Det så utrolig godt ut ! Her i Frankrike er 1. nov også fridag.