Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is coming up

I’m still not feeling very good, but have used the weekend well indoors, and now my feet are itchy to get outside and see and do things again! Tomorrow is Halloween and Tuesday is the Día de todos los 
santos so I’m ready to find out what it’s all about.

In my ever-changing class there is now an American girl, and she has invited us along to do some Halloween-stuff at her house. I am beyond excited! In Norway there isn’t much Halloween-celebration going on, we have adopted the custom but just the last few years and it’s not big at all. Here in Spain I think it’s more or less the same, but all the fruit-shops have been selling pumpkins this last week and I am ready for my first Halloween’ish Halloween!

Apparently we will make a pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies! And we will all bring a pumpkin to carve. It’s a lot of firsts for me, and I think it’s awesome!

One of the things I love about this experience in Spain, is that not only do I learn a lot about Spanish customs and ways, but I also get to know people from so many different countries and cultures, and I feel truly blessed to take part of real American Halloween activities! 

My pumpkin! It's huge!! (Notice the coin next to it :)


  1. You've expressed such beautiful sentiments :) I've never celebrated Halloween but it sure looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  2. That sounds so fun!!! I have never really celebrated Halloween before either, this seems to be the first year that everyone I know has been doing something for it, it's quite exciting! I'd love to go to an American Halloween celebration though, you're going to have the best time :) Glad you're feeling better! xoxo

  3. Gresskar er så godt. Spiste en utrolig god, kremete gresskarsuppe i går. Det beste med den adopterte og adapterte Halloweenfeiringa er uten tvil alt godteriet.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Thanks girls! It's been fun thus far, and there are still a few hours left of Halloween-fun. Will tell later! Hope you are having a great day too!

    Siri, mhm kan tenke meg gresskarsuppe er snaskens! Skal teste ut i morra! Skal grave ut et fjes på et svært gresskar i kveld og lage suppe av innmaten i morra :)