Friday, October 21, 2011

A fairytale world in the big city

So, as I have told before, in my Spanish course every day I have one hour of culture studies. This week it’s been all about Antoni Gaudí. The genius with the fabulous imagination who dared create stuff that the world had never yet seen.

He is partly to blame for my ongoing fascination for Barcelona, I had seen so many pictures from the city where his work was displayed and I always thought it looked so amazingly playful and beautiful. I am finally here and little by little I am discovering his work- and today I want to tell you about this fantastic park where he really got to play!

It’s one of his bigger projects, where he has succeeded in adapting architecture to nature.

It really is a fairytale in the name of Gaudí. It was commissioned for Gaudi’s friend Eusebi Guell and was originally thought to be a garden city with big villas. He worked on it from 1900 till 1914 but in the end, only two villas were built due to lack of funding. Since 1923 the park has been open to the public, and in 1948, the park was added to Unesco’s list of world heritage sites. Let me take you for a walk in the park!

Mosaics, arcades, viaducts, and on the top of the hall of the hundred columns...

... the big “roof terrace” with its beautiful mosaic benches...

... looking over the south end entrance, where the two ginger-bread-like houses are located...

...and the characteristic lizard fountain. 

Everything is “alive” with curving forms. A key word to his work was preferably no sharp edges or corners. Flow and movement. So distinguished and cool.The park also houses a museum, a funny pink fairytale house that was once Gaudí’s home. I will enter it some day and tell all about it.

It's all truly beautiful and I would say a must when visiting Barcelona. It's a nice break from the crazy busy noisy city centre, it's got great views, and is a very different and beautiful park. It’s located up towards the mountain of Tibidabo, and if you climb to the top you get amazing panoramic views over the city. 

How to get there: There are two easy ways to get there:
  1. You take the metro, green line (L3) to LESSEPS, then change to bus number 24 with direction CARMEL. It will stop just outside the park entrance. 
  2. Or you take the same metro, green line to VALLCARCA, and from there get the escalators up to the park. It’s quite steep up towards the park and I think it’s brilliant that they have put up lots of escalators that take you all the way up to the park!

                                                                                                               ~ Storby~


  1. Vakre bilder <3 <3 <3
    Ønsker deg en riktig god helg.

  2. sv: Hei! :D Beklager at det tok så lang tid før jeg svarte deg....tenkte liksom at jeg skulle skrive tilbake til deg når jeg hadde god tid, for det var så mye jeg ville si...
    ja, uansett.

    Aww, tusen takk! :D Det var fint sagt. Herremin, er helt fantastisk å få så fine ord. Det er jeg overhodet ikke vant til, hjelp, hvordan skal jeg besvare de...haha.

    Å, sier du det? Studerer du i Spania? Jeg vil veldig gjerne høre!! :D Her oppe i nord er det .... regn. That's it. Bra jeg kjøpte meg støvler, da!

  3. Jeg føler at jeg ikke hørte om andre enn Gaudi da jeg var i Barcelona. Nesten hvert eneste sted vi var hadde noe med ham å gjøre ! Barcelona er en kjempefin by, du er heldig som bor der. Jeg var der i påskeferien sammen med vertsfamilien. Det var superkoselig (:

  4. Tusen takk, Mette, og god helg til deg også!

    Ingvild, du må bare ta det til deg :)

    Nora: Jo han godeste Gaudí har satt sitt preg på byen, elsker det! Håper du stooorkoser deg i Norge! (Og ta en melkesjokoladebit for meg ok! haha)

  5. Så stilige bygninger! Særlig "pepperkakehusene" :-D