Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Did she get a roof over her head yet?

Well, I am still homeless. But I don’t have to find my space among the homeless tonight, thankfully. While searching for rooms today, I found a couple that rent out their spare room on a day-to-day basis, so I have booked myself into their home until something comes up. They really are the sweetest people and for now I live in a beautiful apartment very close to Plaza Espanya. It gives me some peace at mind, cause I am realizing that getting a room in this city is no easy business. It's actually a full time job.

I saw the other two flats today that I had lined up from yesterday and called yet more flats and more unpleasant people. (I am starting to wonder if being rude is a Spanish thing…?...) In the end, I have a few more to see for tomorrow, together with my favorite from yesterday.

But today I definitely found my dream flat! It’s big and beautiful, and with nice and friendly people. 4 of them actually, but the flat has two bathrooms and the room is huge so I think it wouldn’t feel too crowded. (I'm probably just trying to fool myself to think so, just because I loved the apartment so much...) They are all around my age and working people, it all seems very orderly and attractive indeed. But obviously I am not the only one to want the room, when I arrived there was one there and as I left the next person came. They told me they would interview about 10 people. I will just have to wait and see… 

The other flat was quite the opposite. It was old and quite scruffy. Almost no furniture in any rooms, 7 (!!) people sharing (one bathroom...), and although I don’t know how long I am staying I would love to have a homey place. And if you ask me, 7 people in one flat sounds a teeny bit crowded, especially for a girl who just had her first-ever-sharing-flat-experience. Didn’t get the right feeling anyway. The hunt continues…

Just off Plaza Espanya, so beautiful!


  1. Good luck with your apartment hunting! I'm glad you're staying with nice people while you're looking :)

  2. Oj, 7 kan bli litt mye ja..Må man, så man men.. :-) Håper på at du får den andre!