Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dia de la Hispanidad / Fiesta nacional de España

Today it’s another día festivo in Spain. Originally it was called the Dia de la Hispanidad, a celebration of Columbus arriving America, but in 1987 they changed the name to be simply Fiesta nacional de España, Spain’s national day. 

Everything is closed, people don’t work and there’s no school for me, and this altogether means last night was a big night out here, so I thought it was only right to hit the dance floor again. I know there are several salsa clubs in Barcelona, but I went back to Antilla for another dose of my favourite drug- S*A*L*S*A!
The club was full of people until the early hours and I had a blast! 

Now I am thinking to head out to see if I can find anyone celebrating the day, or see if/how they celebrate this day here. Catalunya, the autonomous community that Barcelona lies in, wants to have independence from Spain, so this day is something that doesn’t mean anything to the Catalans. Or rather, it annoys them that there is a day to “celebrate Spain”. 

Already yesterday I saw flags hanging from lots of balconies and windows, and I had to ask someone what flag it was, as I hadn’t seen it before. I learned that it’s the nationalist-flag, for those who want independence, and I understood that it’s a little more than just wanting it. These people fight for it, do manifestations. They  burn the Spanish flag on the Dia de Catalunya,  (Catalunya’s “national”-day) and that sort of thing....


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