Thursday, September 15, 2011

A TV-slave in rehab

I used to like watching TV back home. I think Norway has lots of good quality TV, in addition to the different series I liked to follow. 

Here in the apartment we have a tiny tiny TV, but… absolutely EVERYTHING coming out of it is in Spanish. And as we all know, my Spanish is nothing to brag about yet, and then it becomes a little complicated to watch TV. 

The other day I found out that Friends is on every afternoon, like it’s been in Norway for years. Great,  I thought, since I know the show, maybe it could be a good way to learn some Spanish. But after having seen all the seasons several times in English (obviously) it’s just wrong wrong wrong listening to Ross and Rachel sweet talk with completely different voices, AND in Spanish. That’s not the way they sound!!
Nope, all wrong. 

They dub everything on Spanish TV. And it’s so strange when you’re used to the voices of the actors. I tried watching a movie too, also one that I have seen before, but it’s just weird to hear the actors you know, talk with completely different voices.

Even Homer Simpson speaks Spanish… 

Oh well. Who needs a TV anyway, having this? 

Beautiful peaceful parks


Beautifully tiled buildings to look at, and eat lovely tapas in

Chilled wine with free tapita

So much flowers everywhere!

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  1. Haha, "Even Homer Simpson speaks Spanish"... :)