Sunday, September 4, 2011

So…here I am ! Ready to indulge in Spanish language and culture!

Hurray, I have arrived!

It’s HOT outside! Ahhhh, how L O V E L Y ! ! 

I am now sitting in my bed, in my new room in a Spanish flat, with the computer on my lap feeling the warm breeze from the window making the curtains flutter humbly and giving the room a breath of fresh warm air confirming that I am indeed not in Norway.

I have been so lucky as to get a room with my own bathroom. I have never once lived in a shared flat before, so this will be interesting! But I have an open mind and am ready for the challenges coming my way! Hehe.

Although it’s a little late, and I’m kind of tired from the travel and the fuss to get to the apartment  I will still go out for a little walk of discovery to see what my neighborhood has to offer, can’t not! Oh how exciting!


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