Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am booked into a 4 week intensive course for the time being. I have never been very good at planning ahead so it felt right only tying myself down to one month at first. Who knows what will happen and how long I will want to stay in Malaga… (Although I am sure I’ll stay in Spain more than one month, I didn’t know the city of Malaga and if I’d want to stay here for longer.) 

I will have 2 hours of grammar, 2 hours of communication skills practice and 1 hour of audiovisual practice a day Monday to Friday, so you should think that will get things moving in the language department. At least I hope so! 

My class is small and that’s an advantage when it comes to learning, you can’t hide and rather you get thrown into it. (At least according to those who know about these things, let’s see if it’s true!)
In addition to me, there is one Finnish woman, to German girls and one American girl.
Hm, here I got all girls!  

How I ended up in this class is a story of its own and I will tell it soon.

But anyhow it’s going to be exciting, and  I am looking forward to learning Spanish, hopefully a lot and quickly!


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