Sunday, September 25, 2011

Salsa in Málaga

First of all, I have no salsa dancing friends here (and the guys I live with would rather be seen dead than entering a salsa club) and I wasn’t so sure about going alone. I did my research anyway although I didn’t really find a big salsa-scene, I did find a couple of salsa-bars. 

Saturday night, when the guys wanted to go for a bar to watch football I put my dance shoes on and went with them. After a couple glasses of wine I got up and announced that I would be heading out to “Asúcar” for a little dose of my favourite drug. They immediately got all worried and wouldn’t let me go but I insisted and headed off into the streets towards this bar I had read about online. 

I entered and got myself a drink for company and sat down at a stool watching people dance. 
I would love to say I had the most amazing time...and danced my ass off...but after about an hour I found my way back to the bar and the guys. No one had asked me to dance, no one had even smiled to me or said hi. The group of salseros was so closed and obviously not interested in welcoming another salsera into their family. 

I’ll have to try my luck some other time, and some other place!
But although I didn't get to dance myself, I enjoyed watching the others, and listening to the music. 
Algo es algo! (An expression I've learnt, means something like "something is something.." Doesn't really work in English now does it?)

If someone would like to give it a shot, Asúcar can be found at C/ Juan de Padilla, Plaza Mitjana.

I'll throw in a few night-shots of the city too. 

Random street in old town

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  1. Jeg kommer fra Murcia område, men på Alicante sin side:) Rett ved kysten:) Skal faktisk dit neste sommer igjen:) AH du må nyte Malaga, det er nydelig der:)