Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playa de Pedregalejo & decision made!

I used the weekend and the last few days well. Worked on my tan and my future. I love the beach. Can’t help it, I’m from Norway for crying out loud! The weather here really is gorgeous! It’s the end of September and it’s so warm and nice. My brother told me that they are currently waking up to having to scrape car windows for ice in the morning… Need I say more?

But I thought it was time to check out something else than Malagueta (the city beach), so we got on a bus and went to Pedregalejo, which is a residential area a little outside the city centre. 

The feel of this area is completely different. It reminded me of a small beachy touristy village, but it was cute and the beach nicer and less crowded. 

And in the meantime of all this tanning I was thinking quite a lot about my next move. When then, like I told you yesterday, I found out that there's no way I can stay on in the flat, I just made the decision. About time you might say, and I kind of agree!

At 14:15 Saturday afternoon a plane will take off from Málaga with me and my belongings in it, headed 
for . . . BARCELONA! I am super excited! 
See, I always wanted to go to Barcelona. But then people kept warning me and saying I most definitely should not go to Barcelona to learn Spanish, since it’s a bilingual city and the mix of catalan and Spanish is really confusing for a language student. It made sense so I took the advice, and sat down with the map of Spain to decide where to go

(Quick sum-up: Barcelona was out of question. And basically all of the east coast which is also bilingual (Catalan and Valencian)- all the way from the French border in the north to Murcia in the south. Madrid was also out of the question, cause if I was gonna live in Spain I was damn well gonna live by the sea! And please add that it needed to be a warm and sunny place too! So that ruled out the north-coast, which is quite rainy and cold (enough of that in Norway!)
So I was left with The Sunny Coast, Costa del Sol. And Málaga being the biggest city made the decision easy)

Good, so that is why I ended up in Málaga. But I never quite shook off the curiosity of Barcelona and now will be the moment! If I don’t find my place there either, or if it’s too complicated with the Catalan on top of the Spanish, well then I will just move on again. No worries!I can even come back to Málaga if I want that. I am free as a bird, and I love it!

So the decision is made, and now I just need to get everything else sorted… it being a place to stay and a Spanish course to continue with.


  1. Man skal ikke alltid høre på andres advarsler... Gjør det som du selv vil. Det er det som passer best for deg!

    Barcelona er en av de stedene jeg kunne tenkt meg å reise til. Jeg innbiller meg at det er veldig fint der. Du får holde oss oppdatert. Og lykke til med flyttingen!

  2. Tuesn takk! Jeg har ingen anger for alt jeg har opplevd i Málaga denne måneden, men gleder meg veldig til å komme til Barcelona. Jeg har ikke vært der, men er på en måte overbevist om at jeg vil like byen. Blir spennende!