Monday, September 5, 2011

My living situation

I’ve been hanging out a little with the ones I share the flat with now, and I have a really good impression. Although it turned a little different than expected…

On the booking forms you could check different boxes of preference; what kind of housing did you want and who did you want to live with. I chose flat (you could also chose host family or “recidencia” which is like a hall of residence/dorm.) Further I chose that I wanted to share with only girls, and preferably Spanish or south-American so that I would have natives to speak Spanish with at home.  Good. 

When I arrived last night, I was met by a festive guy from Australia (Brad) who would be one of my flat mates. He explained that the guy (!) who had the third room was from Poland (Lucas) but that he had already gone to bed. 

So- from wishing only Spanish-speaking girls I have ended up with one Pole and one Australian, both male!

When I came home from school today, they were both at home so we got to know each other a little. They are both really nice. Brad is a beginner in Spanish and Lucas quite advanced, while I am a little past beginner but far, very far from advanced. So I can see there will be very little Spanish spoken in our home, I guess it’s needless to say we speak English together.


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