Thursday, September 22, 2011

My class

We’re just 5 in my class. It’s sort of nice, it’s impossible to hide away and be shy and reserved and I think you learn more this way. 

The woman from Finland is very nice, but unfortunately she doesn’t live in Málaga, so she always catches the train home straight from school. She moved down here about a month ago, since her husband has problems with strong asthma and his doctor recommended him to get away from the cold climate up north to live better. Their daughter is in Spanish kindergarten while her mother is learning Spanish at school. I think it’s so cool to meet people who dare! They sold the house, the car and most of their possessions and bought an apartment in Fuengirola on Costa del Sol, outside Málaga. Quit their jobs and moved. Bet all and are completely set to succeed. Things like this inspire me!

The American girl will be in Málaga just one month, and then she’s off to Salamanca for another month of Spanish classes there before returning to the US again. She’s doing this as a part of her study program to become a history teacher but wants to learn Spanish due to the amount of immigrants from South America not speaking English so well. 

The two German girls are here most for fun. Beach and party, and a little bit of Spanish on top. They will also only be here for one month. 

It's a shame that most of the people I meet are just sticking around for one month. Lucas, my flatmate too. For now, Brad, my other flatmate is the only one staying longer, he's staying a full academic year. Maybe it's time I figured out what to do next too? 

Anyway, I love meeting all these people from different countries and I think it’s cool how we are all so different, with different reasons to be here.

Sunset from my room yesterday


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