Saturday, September 10, 2011

♫ Music in Spanish ♫♪♪

The American girl in my class asked one of our teachers if she could recommend some music in Spanish. She wanted something nice to listen to and at the same time try to improve her listening-skills of Spanish. I have listened to music in Spanish for a long time already, my big passion is salsa dancing and I just love the music, although I don’t understand much …  

Anyway, the teacher suggested a group called Maná and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to broaden my horizon a little, so I went out and got their latest album. 

I love it! It’s a little rock’ish, with great music and vocals. Apparently their lyrics are real beautiful but I can’t yet confirm that! But I’ve definitely fallen a little in love with their music.

Then, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this poster on the street: 

I could actually get the chance to see them live, and although I haven’t been a fan for more than a few days (hihi) why not grab the opportunity? Tonight at 10pm it is!


  1. Det er alltid spennende å gå på konsert i utlandet. Føle på stemningen og kanskje også prøve å forstå litt av det de synger om. Dette blir skikkelig kulturkveld for deg! Kos deg!