Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little Spanish lesson at Mesón "Lo Güeno"

First thing fist. A little lesson in Spanish language.

Normally when in a word, there is a G+U followed by E or I, you don’t pronounce the U.
  • For instance the word Guerra (war), pronouns gerra. (With Spanish sounds obviously. Would be something like “gehrrah” with English sounds)     
  • The word Águila (eagle) pronouns ágila.
When what follows the G+U is A or O, you do pronounce the U. 
  • For instance agua (water).

But if you want the U between the G and E to sound, you put to little points on top of the U, and voila you have bypassed the rule and got yourself a new word/sound!
  • Like in güiskey (whiskey), güao (wow), pingüino (penguin).
….or güeno like in the name of this restaurant/tapas-bar. Which is slang for good/great/well. Basically it’s the same as saying “weno” which is slang for “bueno” (the root). The all sound the same basically.

Still following me?

Well, me as a learner in Spanish thought it was fun when I myself realized the word-play in the name of this restaurant. So much that I had to sit down and try it.

Mesón lo güeno, basically means the tavern with the good stuff. And it is.

"Hacemos de las tapas un arte desde 1967" = We have made tapas as art since 1967

It's located in a quiet side street to the busy main street, and it's lovely to sit at one of the tables outside, in the shadow, enjoying a few delicious tapas, some chilled drinks and just watch life pass by.

Can be found at C/ MARÍN GARCÍA 9.More info on their web


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