Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning a new language

This Spanish course is not made for listless people. After the first week of repetition and basics they have  turned the heat up. One new verb tense is taught every day, and if you don’t cram these tenses every single afternoon you're lost the next day when you’re expected to use the one from the day before, as well as taking in the next one. 

Since it’s 5 hours a day we learn a lot, the speed and the learning curve is high and you absolutely have to spend a few hours A DAY on homework if you have any hope on hanging in there and not getting lost.

Spanish is a “big” language and I am starting to realize just how big. To put this into perspective I can mention that Norwegian has 7 verb tenses while Spanish has 20!
Is it really necessary with 20 when we manage so well with 6 you might wonder. At least I have had that thought, but this is how it is. They have all these tenses that are to be used in different settings, situations and moods. 

The problem is that when learning a foreign language it’s common to relate it to another language that you know, to understand how and where to use it. But that turns out a little complicated here since there are 3 times as many tenses in Spanish compared to Norwegian! (I think English has 12, but that’s still a lot less than Spanish!)

Any insights, experiences or tips would be highly welcome!! 

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  1. oh man, learning a new language is definitely hard! but since you live in spain, that will help a lot. full immersion is the way to go!