Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day in Málaga!

So it’s really coming to an end. The exam today went well, I don’t have the result yet, but I feel confident I have done well, it wasn’t that difficult. (Well, I also have been a good girl doing my homework!) After the exam we said our goodbyes at school (weird!) and I headed home with the guys. We are sacredly going to spend the last day together, in Málaga centre.
By the way, the beach party yesterday was a big hit! So nice! Someone brought a guitar and we were singing and enjoying the warm night until- responsible as we are- we all headed to our respective homes to get some good hours of sleep before the exam. (Which luckily started a few hours later than the normal school-days!) 

Tonight, El Pimpi is on the program for sure, and El Patio too. Actually El Patio deserves it's own post, I will write it "en un plis". Then we'll see what more the night brings. I can't quite believe that I have already been here for one month and that I am moving to Barcelona tomorrow!

Last night with this in the background