Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grilled fresh fish at the beach

The other day at the beach I saw this: curious to what was going on so I went a little closer...

...and saw that something was burning or something in that old rowing boat!

Turns out one of the chiringuitos (sort of "mobile" beach bars) had a man down at the beach grilling fresh fish. I had just had lunch so I didn't try it, but it smelled and looked fantastic!


  1. Hi from Marbella! I came across your blog on the Norske Utenlandsbloggere blog. So, why haven't you tried the fish yet? They're called "boquerones fritos" and taste lovely! VERY Spanish!! :)

    Stine (in Marbella)

  2. Hi Stine, thank you for filling in the blanks!! Now I know that I definitely need to try it the next time I see it :)