Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cervecería 100 montaditos while reflecting and thinking about my future we wanted to check out this franchise called Cervecería 100 montaditos, apparently all over Spain.

Their idea is to offer small tasty sandwiches (montaditos), a kind of tapas, with Mediterranean fillings starting at one euro, and a total of 100 different ones to choose from. Cheap & delicious.
Notice the reflexion in the window, I just loooove palm trees and blue skies haha!
So, you grab the menu, have a look at what you want...

 ...write down you whole order (love how playful they’ve made the order sheet), place & pay it at the counter...

...and the lovely little montaditos are brought to your table.

Here I got one of number 1 (Clasico, de Jamon Iberico con aceite de oliva = Iberian ham with olive oil), and one of number 89 (Gourmet, de Jamon Iberico con lomo al ajillo, queso iberico y tomate natural = Iberian ham, pork loin made in garlic, Iberian cheese and tomato.) And free chips on the side.  (Me very proud to understand what I was ordering!)


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