Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bodega El Pimpi


Now this is a place worth visiting! I’ve been there several times already and it’s really one of my favourite (tapas/) bars here. The interior is very authentic, and just different. 

It’s an old wine cellar decorated with wine barrels signed by famous people and really cool vintage posters from La feria de Málaga (Málaga fair) and bullfights.

The atmosphere is fantastic, so Spanish and the wine and tapas are divine!

Entering the bar, so cute with all the blue flowerpots

 Antonio Banderas was born in Málaga, and of course he has his own barrel

Viva Málaga, los malagueños pero muy especialmente las malagueñas. Antonio Banderas.
= Long live Málaga, the guys from Málaga, and specially the girls from Málaga, Antonio Banderas.

And Lola Flores, a superfamous Flamenco singer, dancer and actress.  

And much more...like the children of Picasso and more actors, actresses and artists that as of now are unknown to me...

Check out their web here.


  1. Det hørtes kos ut! Jeg lagde faktisk tapas på mandag, men det er vel ingenting i forhold til hva som serveres der.. :-)

  2. Tapas er ikke så "big deal" her virker det som, det er liksom det mest vanlige i verden, og ikke så mye fiks-fakserier som vi i Norge har lyst til å la det være..?! :) Men godt, det er det! Og veldig vanlig, det serveres overalt!