Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The best napolitana in town? Try La canasta.

I am weak for sweets. I guess I am what one can call a chocoholic, and cakes are another of my weaknesses. Here cakes are different from back home though, it’s much more about croissants and things similar instead of what we call cakes. But I am not complaining, I adjust fiiiiine to this too! Haha, I love them. Especially I have gotten to love the Napolitanas, the ones with chocolate are heavenly if made right. And I think I am ready to announce the best place for the best Napolitana in Málaga! (Surprisingly) it’s on the main street, it’s called “La Canasta” which means, the basket

Coffee is very popular here, everyone drinks it (even small kids) and at all hours. It’s either café solo, which is an espresso, a cortado which is an espresso with a liiiittle bit of milk, or café con leche which is coffee with a lot of milk, or simply americano, black coffe (not very usual). I might be wrong, but as long as the place has a proper espresso-machine you get good coffee anywhere. But the napolitana at this place definitely stands out.
See, they heat it up before it’s served (or it comes straight from the oven?) making the chocolate inside all melty and delicious at the same time as the cake itself is so fresh and soft. 

Delish café con leche & napolitana de chocolate