Monday, September 19, 2011

I am like new! Fantastic, that’sums up what I can say about this. I feel revitalized through the bone! 
Such beautiful, peaceful rooms, and an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

The Hammam consists of three rooms, one with 30 degrees C, one with 40 degrees C and one with 45 degrees C. When you enter you’re given a pareo (piece of clothing to lie/sit on), and a beautiful bowl to use in the hot and cold water fountains in all rooms to pour water onto yourself. You can stay as long as you want and change between the rooms as you please.

After a little while in the Hammam the body is perfectly prepared for the treatment. Your pores open, and you feel a deep relaxation due to the heat and humidity. First I got a full body scrub with salts from the Dead Sea, followed by a full body aromatherapy massage in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings. 

They also have a beautiful relax area with big arab style cushions and low tables on the floor, and a roof terrace with beautiful views over the city. Ah, and in the summer months they open until midnight, it really is a wonderful way to end the day, incredibly relaxing! 

Because of the high humidity in the Hammam I didn’t bring my camera but I have borrowed some pictures from the Hammam’s website


  1. Dette så virkelig forlokkende ut! Må innrømme at jeg er litt misunnelig på akkurat det der..... ;-)

  2. Ja det var bare helt fantaaastisk. Som å koble av fra verden noen timer og bare eksistere i en eller annen behagelig boble av velvære :)