Thursday, September 29, 2011

95 hours of Spanish course done!

Since it’s the last day at the university tomorrow and we had the last day of class today (tomorrow is Exam-day) there’s a get-together at the beach for all the students tonight. We have wine cooling in the fridge and are now getting ready to go.

I've already done 4 weeks of intensive Spanish-studies. I have learned a lot and that feels really good. But I have a long way to go, Spanish is a "big" language and I am far from being able to say "I speak Spanish", like many might think. (There seem to be a perception that it's really quick, fast and quite easy to learn a new language. I can hereby confirm that it's not. Nor for me anyway.) 

Apart from cramming and studying I’ve been busy out and about these last few days. It’s funny how things change when you get an expiry date. Suddenly different things get more interesting, the things that you had no rush doing before, because it was always gonna be there to be done later. (It will still be there, it’s just that I won’t.) Barcelona is awaiting me, and I am very excited!

So I have been wandering around the city, been to the different beaches, gotten to know the old town better, taken more pictures, been to some amazing special bars and restaurants, all in the company of the lovely two that I am realizing I am gonna miss like crazy when we say goodbye on Saturday! Lucas is going straight back to Poland to continue his Philosophy-studies, and Brad will stay on here, far south, learning Spanish for the whole academic year. We’ve had so much fun, and have spent so much time together and it will be strange not having them around. I couldn’t have gotten better flatmates, so thank you Universe for not giving me any Spanish girls at all!

It’s all about enjoying the last few days and now we’ll head out for the beach party!


  1. SV: Ja bloggen hennes er veldig bra. Liker'n selv :D

  2. It all sounds amazing, and it sounds like you have settled in so quickly too! I love hearing about your adventure :)

  3. Norwegian Señorita: Tror det er 18, men er faktisk ikke helt sikker. Eller..jeg håper det, for hadde den vært 16 hadde det jo vært litt pinlig å se SÅ liten ut!

    Håper eksamen går bra :) Barcelona blir i hvert fall fint!