Monday, September 26, 2011

5 days left

Yes, that’s it. Suddenly it got serious. Friday of this week I will have my exam in Spanish and then on Saturday morning I need to be out of the flat. 

I went to the agency after school today just to ask if I could stay on if I wanted to, but my room is booked up by someone new from Saturday 1st October. So at 12 o’clock that day I need to deliver the key and be out of there. That’s suddenly very soon!

Brad is staying cause he’s booked a whole year of Spanish studies, but his room is the smallest bedroom I have ever seen and there’s no way there’s room for more than one person in there at the same time. He’s got about 50cm to move on from where his bed stops till the wall on the opposite side of the room. Lucas is going home to Poland on Saturday morning (like the reasonable person he is, he has it all booked and ready) and basically I am the only one without a plan. 

Let’s say I decided to stay on in Malaga. I would have to find a new place to live (hassle!) and try to see if I could continue the Spanish course, cause I am in no way ready for a job-hunt yet. 

Or what if I just packed my bags and left town in search for more adventures somewhere else? Well, I still have a few days to decide don’t I? 

In the meantime I will just enjoy the sun, the beach, lovely tapas and wine! It’s not so bad after all! No stress, I think the very calm lifestyle here has caught up with me! Mañana, mañana!


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