Thursday, August 18, 2011

I want the real thing! Authentic, true Spain.

Time is ticking and it’s now just 17 days left until I arrive Spanish grounds. The 4th September it is. There are so many aspects of this triggering my excitement! It’s gonna be an all new experience for me, great!

I have never even been to Spain! Well, Spain mainland I should say. I have been to Mallorca once, years ago on holiday but I’m not sure it counts cause it was one of those tailor-made trips with everything pre-booked, and consisted basically in beach, sun, tasteless souvenir shops filled with things you don’t need, bad restaurants, and colourful drinks with big paper umbrellas and parrots and the sort, in them. Not to mention that the only people you saw and the only languages you heard was Norwegian, German and English. In other words, not really authentic Spain I believe. I’m sure Mallorca is both lovely and authentic if you just go outside the tourist circus, but I didn’t do that.

Since I have never been to Spain mainland, I am not one to talk about what's authentic Spain, so I asked Google. Apart from football and maps, here’s a few things Mr. Google suggests fit the key words.

Santiago de Compostela


Beautiful building in Madrid

Paella. (Of course!)

Beautiful! Escorial Monastery in Madrid

Well, this one was given wasn't it. The bull fights...

So, that was a little selection of what is authentic Spain according to Google. I didn't see anything like that in Mallorca, that's for sure.

I am ready, bring on beautiful cities in sunny old Spain!


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