Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to pack your whole life into one suitcase / 20 kg?

That’s one of the things occupying my mind these days.

How does a girl, (cause I believe it’s trickier for a girl than the average guy) choose and select clothes, shoes, bags, belts, toiletries (included make-up and perfume etc.) and other personal items when moving, AND minimize it to weigh only 20 kg??? 

I mean, I dare say that if not most girls, then a big part of us have more stuff than what can be brought along when having that weight restriction. 

How to choose? 

“But come ooon, it’s a warm country”, I hear you complain. “You don’t need all that much clothes then!”

Yes, yes, true. For instance, I don’t need to bring big sweaters and jackets. Good.

But let me just tell you, that if you’re moving away, even though for a warm country, you might still want to bring more than you do when you go on a weekend-trip or a one-week holiday. Then imagine actually living somewhere, with that same suitcase you brought for your last holiday. 
Not something I am looking forward to at least. 

I have gone through my clothes time after time, trying to choose, weighing shoes and accessories to see what weights the least (...) At one point I became frustrated and packed 6 plastic bags of clothes and gave it away to friends, just to have less stuff to choose from. (Hope I will stay away long, so I won’t regret this one later…) 

And then let’s face it, apart from clothes I need to bring my Spanish dictionary (1,2 kg.), at least one novel to read, my computer (2,7 kg.), comfy shoes/trainers (1 kg.), flip-flops (450g.), sandals (600g.), and one (!!!???) pair of nice shoes. Don’t even get me started on the toiletries. 
By the way, yes I’ve been just as crazy as it seems, weighing stuff! I want to make the most out of my apportioned 20 kg… 

It will be an interesting task! Any tips would be very welcome!

P.S.  5 days left!


  1. Uff, I’ve got stress only reading you and thinking about it.
    In my personal case, just thinking about packing all my sporting equipment stress me out!!
    I’d probably have to choose going to work wearing trainers and pair of shorts, hehehe.
    Good luck!!

  2. Yep, it's a tough one! I'll just have to be hard and get it done, it's already stolen a little too much of my time :)

  3. Herlig overskrift...hvordan pakke et helt liv i en koffert....
    He he...godt ikke herlige minner veier mye <3
    Siden jeg har fått så mange nydelige kommentarer og det virker som vi tenker så likt på mange områder...så måtte jeg jo starte å lese bloggen din fra begynnelsen :-)