Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Choosing where to go

By the end of that week I already felt a big change in my life. I had been looking into different exciting options of things to do about my life and I felt so good about myself. I felt happy and on top of the (my) world just for “daring” to think outside the box. It might sound silly, but it was truly a wonderful feeling.

I had decided on moving to Spain. I’ve always been insanely attracted to Spain and Spanish. It’s got to be the sunny warm weather, cause I have always really disliked the long, hard, cold Norwegian winters and the thought of escaping, if only one of them, has always been very enticing.

And the language! It’s so damn sexy! Would be so cool to speak it. I tried with a silly afternoon-course, once a week. No point, you get absolutely nowhere. To learn a language I think the only real way is to live in the country where they speak it.

Coming from Norway with the afore-mentioned hard winters, Spain has always represented a sort of paradise with all those sunny days, wineries, the feisty flamenco, the tasty tapas and paellas… All so very exotic for the average Norwegian girl.

It’s about time to find out how it really is!


  1. I understand you perfectly, years ago I did something similar but in the other way around.
    I left the Canary Islands to move to Scotland, from the eternal summer to the rainy land.
    It was a big change and very exciting situation.
    For the place to move, I’d recommend you the east or south coast . I think it’s very beautiful.

  2. Wow, must be some change you did!
    I'm getting more excited every day aboout the change I'm about to do myself.
    And how nice that you suggest the east or south coast :) Stay tuned to see where I end up going!!