Monday, January 9, 2012

Portal de Belen in Las Palmas - made entirely of Sand!

I am sorry if you are all tired of all my Nativity scenes on the blog. It's a big thing in Spain, and I promise this will be the last one for now, but I simply could not not post about the one in Las Palmas!

It's enormous and made entirely of SAND! How cool is that? I have never seen anything like it. Makes my golden days as sand castle maker fade... 
It's located at the beach, Las Canteras in Las Palmas.

This was the 6th edition. It opens in the second week of December and stays until 7th January. (How they make it stay so nice for this long I don't know, but I am deeply impressed!)


  1. Jeg er virkelig imponert!! Et skikkelig flott kunstverk. Nesten synd å ødelegge det igjen etter at julen er over... De må ha brukt utrolig mye tid på å lage det.

  2. I love these sand creations! I think they're big in San Diego, but I've never seen them. Thanks for sharing the pictures!